Probate Litigation

When a loved one passes, our firm is available to assist the Personal Representative or Successor Trustee.  The duties of finding and paying creditors, locating and gathering assets and administering distributions can become overwhelming.  Knowing how to handle these types of issues, possibly avoiding probate and reserving as much of the estates assets as possible are just a few of the tasks our firm is prepared to handle.
(Probate Law FAQ)

When a loved one passes, all too often the proper documents have either not been prepared, cannot be found or are contested as to their authenticity.  Our firm assist clients in these troubled times.  Often, in the cases of smaller estates, probate can be altogether avoided.  However, when this is not an option, our firm is familiar with the probate court process.  We are committed to wading through the muddy waters of our judicial system with our clients in hand.

Many people have either been told that "as long as my wishes are known" or I simply "write a will on my computer at home" that they are fine.  This misconception is that wills and trusts are not as simple as that.  There are several factors that need to be thought of, along with proper documentation and procedure to maintain document validity.

Because many people do not go through the proper legal channel of having an estate planning attorney prepare these important documents, your estate goes into probate.  There is even times when the best written wills and trusts are contested and end up in probate court!  We are experts in probate litigation!


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