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A thorough estate plan will include documents to assist you when you are alive but unable to physically or mentally act.  In addition, planning must be put in order for when we pass away. Our services include providing a full range of estate planning documents for both in this life and after.  These documents will almost always include Trusts, either revocable or irrevocable, Powers of Attorney appointments, and/or Wills.  These documents are provided in a manner enables our clients to provide proper copies to other interested persons.

At Paulen & Reissner, PLLC you can count on our main specialty and expertise is in probate law & estate planning law.  Unfortunately, when a loved one passes there is sometimes disputes within the family.  We are here to even handle those contests to wills that happen when the will validity is questioned.  We are proven to be experts in our field, and are the estate planning experts, located in Glendale, AZ -- just minutes from the loop 101 and Bell Road.

All Areas Of Estate Law Are Handled

(Estate Planning FAQ)

Wills -- Basically a document making people aware of your wishes when you pass on.

Trusts -- We prepare these for you to protect you and your heirs.  Schedule an appointment to discuss trusts in more detail.  623.428.1923

Inheritance and estate tax planning -- We have the discussions with you that explain the tax liabilities that can be passed onto your loved ones, and options to eliminate as much tax as possible.

Business succession planning - We help to plan for your business to remain in good hands, and plan for your specific wishes.

Special Needs Trusts -- If your a caretaker for someone in special needs, it is imperative that you have a will that will determine the type of care you want for your special needs loved one.  We can discuss the different options available upon appointment.  623.428.1923

Living Wills -- These wills are catered to each individual, and designed to carryout your wishes while the end of your life approaches.

Power Of Attorney -- We can create different types of power of attorney documents, and will explain the differences in the different types and how your rights can be affected.

Will and Trust Contests -- When there are questions and disputes, we are there to represent and look at the validity of trusts and other documents.

Probate Litigation Experts -- We offer experienced representation in all matters of probate litigation when needed.

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